NCC to build Finspång medical center

NCC has been commissioned to design and build Finspång medical center in cooperation with Region Östergötland. The order value is estimated at approximately SEK 500 million.

“We need to adapt our operations to tomorrow’s healthcare, which is becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding. The new building will not only replace old and dilapidated premises but also promote the development of Region Östergötland and the Municipality of Finspång’s healthcare operations,” says Stefan Fredriksson, Property Development Manager, Region Östergötland.

The new building will comprise about 17,000 square meters across five floors with space for a doctor’s office, a laboratory, child health center, midwifery clinic, child and youth health center, specialist nurse-led clinic, residential rehabilitation, investigation service, and a home care and local care department. The building will also be environmentally certified according to Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC) Silver.

The project will take the form of a partnering contract, which is a structured cooperative format where NCC and Region Östergötland jointly draw up system documents, the project budget and detailed design plans for the project.

“It’s good to become involved as early as possible in a project of this nature. It benefits all parties concerned and enables our competence and experience to be utilized in the best possible manner. Such an arrangement means that expertise in the design and function of tomorrow’s healthcare facilities can be effectively leveraged,” says Henrik Landelius, Sweden Head, NCC Building.

The project will start immediately with a short period of project engineering and budgeting work. The new medical center will be operational in autumn 2020. The order is expected to be registered during the second quarter of 2017 in the NCC Building business area.